Su Casa Catholic Worker Community

Su Casa is a house of hospitality in the Catholic Worker tradition that provides a space of healing and hope to displaced Latino families. Responding to the Gospel call to compassionate action, we are committed to a simple, non-violent lifestyle as we live and work among the poor.

4 thoughts on “Su Casa Catholic Worker Community”

  1. Jim Cusack said:

    I am an OLD C W from back of the yards.
    Born&raised at 6522 S Winchester.
    Thank you for your PRESENTE.
    Jeanne&I,53yrs together,lived close to each other. She lived on 47th
    Wood st.We will visit this summer.

  2. Maintain the awesome work !! Lovin’ it!
    Regards – midsummer www – K0nst4ntyn0

  3. I used to volunteer at Su Casa a couple years ago when I was a student at DePaul University.. it truly is a great place and I met some amazing people there. God Bless!

  4. Kilisha ollison said:

    I think Su Casa Catholic worker is a great place & wonderful for the community. GOD BLESS THEM & ALL THE WORKERS/volunteers.

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